1. First day of our Carnival Cruise and I can’t find the open bar or the lido deck. Whatever the fuck a lido deck is. #saltyseadog #savy #andsomeothersailorshit

  2. #Silkiessaturday

  4. Tell me I’m pretty!

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  7. "

    No no no, people. I’m not married. I’m gay married. There’s a huge difference (apparently).

    Like we normally have much better abs and clothes and hair.

    And our kids will probably read at a much higher reading level than yours. When have kids (can you hold my baby while I bench press this?). Oh, bee tee dubs, can I borrow some ovaries? We dont have those either…. ‪#‎turkeybaster‬

    See. Differences.


  8. "I see everyone and no one in myself."
    — Sylvia Plath, from a journal entry dated 23 May 1951. (via violentwavesofemotion)

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  10. "

    Time whips through me. winter winds and skeleton’d trees.

    My Immortal self unchanged. skin, eye, bone, memory, fear,

    The darkness I love so well,

    Clings to me. Grime on tile floors. A patch work self. I would have rid of this shell-skin cloak. But then I would be free.

    Years pass. People, trees, buildings, cities, worlds,


    All die. All dust.

    The dust fills my lungs, they are a part of me, but I can’t see their faces, her face, in the dark.

    I am still the skeleton child. Eyes peer out panes as monsters dance choke holds on the lawn.

    I threw rocks at him. Goliath, Goliath. I am no David.

    I could not save her.

    She comes to me in dreams, singing her death rattle laugh, morphine breath, a shadow on horse back.

    Save me. Save me. Save me.

    But I cannot speak.

    I cannot save you.

    And I (the greatest grievance) cannot die with you.

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  15. 10bullets:

    The silhouette of a lion as he awaits the morning’s wakeup call. (by Nicole Dangoor)

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